Omprakash Pandey is a successful Stock Market analysis with more than 12 years of experience in this field. Though he is a successful entrepreneur he still believes that learning is a lifelong process that never ends.

Omprakash is a known expert on behavioral aspects of Stock Markets who has now decided to apply same human principles in life transformation and mentoring. Savtech has rich experience in analyzing stock and chart patterns which he has co-related with human psychological patterns at a deeper level.

A Youtuber and Founder & Editor of the blog Savtech. If you would like to know anything and everything about Stocks, MF and Personal Finance, You are at the right place. On my Website. I will provide Smart Ideas for Your Money. Money is the center of the universe & i cover each and every topic linked to the money. I share a different perspective that will make you think. Through this Site, I challenge the traditional thought process related to Money. I believe that in today's dynamic and uncertain economic environment, the traditional thought process cannot help you grow your money.


The Objective of the course is to equip the participant with necessary stock market theoretical and practical know-how so that students can apply the same in researching equity markets for wealth creation. It introduces you to the process of how to find and analyze companies, determine the risk of a stock investment or trade, proper entry and exit time of the stock, understand why markets move the way they do, and helps you choose the right trading style for your personal goals using correct approach to financial planning. If you're new to the stock market and want to know the basics, this is the tutorial for you!

   What differentiates us from Others

we simplify the complex concepts and explain in easy to understand language with relevant and real examples.

We share original thought process,real life experiences,and honest reviews.

Provide Professsional Consultation to individuals.

   What we do:

Conduct onsite and online education & Workshops for professionals and individuals.

Our mission is to aware every Indian from the Knowledge of share market and make India and Indians rich. This is to aware people that share       market is no gambling, it’s a kind of business to earn profit.

   Why You Should Join Us ?

Easy to understanding language limited batch size, flexible batch.

Useful to beginners, traders, investors, officers, Insurance adviser, Employees business man, house wives, VRS person, & student.

No age and educational limit, anyone and everyone can come.

No need for the background of knowledge of share market.

Various crash courses are also available.

Personal attention to every student.

Day trading technique, good accuracy.

Daily courses Monday to Sunday course also available.

   Topics Covered
   Capital Markets:

Basics of Financial Markets

Primary Market vs Secondary Markets


   Fundamental Analysis:

Basic concepts of Fundamental Analysis

Factors of Fundamental Analysis

Balance Sheet

Income Statement

Important part in Annual Report

Introduction to Valuations

Concept of Risk and Return

   Technical Analysis:

Relationship between price and time

Trendline Supports and Resistance

Relationship between price and time

Double Top and Double Bottom patterns

Triple Top and Triple Bottom patterns

Head and Shoulder and Inverse Head and Shoulder Patterns


Flags and Pennants

Symmetrical Triangle

Ascending and Descending Triangle Patterns

Cup and Handle and Inverse Cup and Handle Patterns

Bullish and Bearish Rectnagular Chart Patterns

An Introduction to Indicators and Oscillators

Moving Average



Bollinger Bands



The objective of this Website is to help you all create wealth so that we could all live a prosperous life . This is a website where our goal is to provide you edge in this information age where it is imperative to keep yourself updated.

-- Om Parkash