Stock Option Greeks || What Is Option Greeks

10/21/2019 8:57:54 AM

Option Greeks Strategy is key to success for options traders. With the help of option greeks, you can take informed decision resulting in a profitable trade. Option greeks are the group of greek alphabets that tell values w.r.t to the option premium volatility. The most common greeks are Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta and Rho.

1. Delta is linked change in the underlying asset i.e stock price or index. Low delta means low return on the options trading. 2. Gamma: Rate of change in the delta and is mentioned in the %. 3. Vega: Implied volatility of the index or stock price. 4. Theta takes care of time decay i.e. time of expiry. 5. Rho: Rate of risk free interest rate.

All the calculations are based on the Black Scholes formula. You can check the values on any online option calculator.

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