May 28, 2023

Financial Astrology 

From a young age, we are taught to think in a linear fashion. We are taught to measure time by the 24-hour cycle and by the passage of the various months. If time is linear, then why are the financial markets so volatile. Why do the markets unexpectedly soar higher or plunge lower? Is there another way of measuring time?

In fact, linear measures of time do not apply to the markets. What the vast majority of traders and investors do not know is there is an overwhelming correlation between the ever-changing configurations of orbiting planets and price movements on financial markets. Is this purely a scientific connection? Or, are powerful money managers in financial centers like London and New York moving prices of equities and commodity futures in accordance with astrological cycles? Whatever the case may be, traders and investors ought to be aware of the connection between astrology and the markets.

Trading using Financial Astrology Stock Market Astrology

Course Content:
Financial Astrology Fundamentals
Understanding The Impact Of Plannets On Sectors/stocks.
Planetary Ingress Impact On Financial Market.
Trading Using Declination Of Planets.
Plannet Retrograde Effect In Stock Markets.
Using Lunar Cycles In Trading.
Finding Support and Resistane Using Plannetary Lines
Trading Using Planetary Hard Aspects.
Trading Using Planetary Soft Aspects.
Astro-geometrical Techniques To Determine The Change In Trend.
Learn The Closely Guarded Secrets Of George Bayer.
Intraday Time Reversal Using Astro-cycles.
Predicting Stock Market Movements Using A Neural Network.