November 22, 2023

About Us


About US

Astrotechnicals has clearly established himself as a Authority on few the WD Gann Trading Methods, although he is reseraching on more methods. Omprakash very honestly accepts that he does not know all the WD Gann Trading Methods and he also challenges that no one can claim that they know all Gann secrets.

To determine the future trend of any financial market such as stocks, futures, derivatives, bullion, commodities, bonds, currencies or other financial instruments, we follow studies such as fundamentals, technical analysis, technical patterns, cycle analysis, financial astrology, numerology and the combination of some or all of the above studies guides us to determine the possible future trend with 75%-90% accuracy, but none of the studies is perfect by itself. Financial astrology has proven to be as useful as other sciences in predicting the movement of financial markets with the help of various complex planetary configurations.

No one knows why planets, their placement in different houses, entering various houses or transiting through various houses, aspects, conjunctions with other planets or other complex configurations affect the movement of prices in various financial markets, but they do. Different aspects like Semi-Sextile, Sextile, Square, Semi-Square, Trine, Quincunx between different planets (friendly or enemy) give different results at different times. Solar and lunar eclipses produce predictable results most of the time. Full moon and new moon days have always played an important role in financial markets.

AstroTechnicals More About US

“Astrotechnicals Analysis” was established in 2008 and has consistently been a popular medium providing traders and investors with a rich array of information across both Indian and Worldwide stock markets. This portal, on a daily basis, facilitates traders with cost-free technical analysis with simple to understand, clear and concise posts that consequently help them understand market dynamics and make informed trading and investment decisions.

The basis of the content are strategies developed over a period of 15+ years and are presented as mechanical and simplified high probability setups gathered from comprehensive material across various books and journals.

Astrotechnicals Analysis is a daily stop, for budding as well as seasoned market participants, to serve their purpose of intraday trading, positional trading, various markets investing price levels etc. In addition to providing this free daily analysis, the portal also provides live 1-1 online educational services with a consortium of trading courses covering a vast array of strategies to catering to individual trading styles.