Omprakash pandey was established in 2008 and has consistently been a popular medium providing traders and investors with a rich array of information across both Indian and Worldwide stock markets. This portal, on a daily basis, facilitates traders with cost-free technical analysis with simple to understand, clear and concise posts that consequently help them understand market dynamics and make informed trading and investment decisions.

The basis of the content are strategies developed over a period of 15+ years and are presented as mechanical and simplified high probability setups gathered from comprehensive material across various books and journals.

Our Founder, Omprakash, is a multifaceted Trader/Analyst/Educator/Author has implemented his passionate vision to mentor and support market participants by sharing his insights on risk management strategies, trading edge development, personalized strategy construction mainly via simple and easy to understand mechanical rules.

W.D. Gann created trading strategies using geometry, astrology, and ancient mathematics.
His techniques, known as Gann indicators, are used in predicting the top, bottom, and future price moves of commodities.
Gann developed and sold trading courses including The W. D. Gann Master Commodity Course: Original Commodity Market Trading Course.