W D. Gann’sThe Tunnel ThruThe Air

Haven studied Gann’s voluminous material since 1977, the book which intrigued me the
most was, “The Tunnel Thru The Air”, written in 1927. In the forward, Gann states the
book is mysterious and contains a valuable secret”, clothed in veiled language. Finding
this secret was an exhilarating experience. However, I could not have found it without a basic
course in Astrology and the ability to use an Ephemeris.
Gann states the purpose of the book is to teach the immutable laws of nature. Immutable
laws are laws which man cannot change, such as the change of seasons, weather (oods,
famines), earthquakes, volcanoes and specically the rotation of the planets and their geometrical
relationships to one another. The book reveals this valuable secret by describing natural
astrological cause and effect timing points, where like causes produce similar effects.
One of the greatest keys to successful trading is following these natural laws of vibration.
With the secret, I was able to prove, through practical application of this timing point, Gann’s
Cotton trade of 1926-27, his Rye trade of 1925 and 1945, and his Coffee trade of 1954. I had
found the correct beginning point to trade the minor cycle of one year. The next step involved a
simple, but effective, means to square time and price from the astrological zero or beginning point.
This is when I discovered the value in the square of “9”. By placing an overlay over the square
of “9”. anchored at the center, with calendar dates on the perimeter (“a wheel within a wheel”), I
could simply square price and time from any price and any date. Thus, the credit given to Gann
for this innovation in naming this lifetime trading tool, “The Gann Wheel”.
Because 85% of anything we learn is from what we see, I had the secret to the timing points
which I could SEE WHEN they would occur in the future (Ephemeris), and the ability to SEE
price and time square on the GANN WHEEL.
The last step I wanted was a reliable price chart pattern which formed at and around the
vibration points to make the greatest amount of prot in the shortest period of time. Why’? Gann
said. “It’s much better to trade 3 or 4 times per year and make large prots, than to make 100
to 200 trades per year and be wrong half the time and nally ending up with a net loss”. I nally
found a reliable chart pattern which I could SEE develop at the vibration points. By using simple
Gann techniques, I developed a trading plan of WHEN and HOW to enter this pattern, with a
dened risk (stop). The entry in this pattern conrms the start of Gann’s second section, conrms
always selling the rst rally or conrms buying the rst break, (for ELLIOTTICIANS, conrms
that start of the third wave), the biggest and best part of the price trend. The prot objective is
determined by one or more squares of price on the GANN WHEEL.


(1) Natural TIME vibration (4-13-87)’
(2) Plus 90’ Square (3 months (calendar days) or (64/67 market days) (7-15-87)
(3) 59.90 Price Square, 90’ (GANN WHEEL)
PRICE PATTERN for the greatest amount of profit in the shortest period of time. The pattern is
defined by the word G-A-N-N2-S (the S is for SHORT). Enter trade by drawing 1X1 angle from
N2. Enter SHORT M.O.C. on CLOSE below 1X1 angle, at 57.40 on August 5th. Place buy stop
at S (defined risk) 59.60. Next, place order to add to SHORT position by drawing a horizontal line
from (A). Enter SHORT M.O.C. on CLOSE below horizontal line at 55.50 on August 14th. Next,
lower stop to original enter on both positions to 57.40 (buy stop). Next, place open buy order to
cover both SHORT positions at 51 .00 (180’ opposition from 4-13-87 on GANN WHEEL). Order
filled on 8-24-87 (cancel buy stop at 57.40).

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